SBC w/ 4T80 transmission - flex plate?


Aug 7, 2018
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North Carolina
Hi all, I wanted to give you guys a long overdue update!
I solved the flexplate issue by talking wtih Meziere. They were willing to create a custom plate for me. The first one had some issues with the crank bolt pattern. They remade them for me... they were still off a bit, but this time it was on me. They sent me the technical drawing first, and my builder didn't double check it, because he said "It's an SBC crankbolt pattern... how can they have the measurements wrong?"

So he's going to have to modify it a touch, but it'll work.

The torque converter was another issue. My builder wanted to make sure it was one with a billet cover, he was worried about ballooning and it coming apart... right behind my back. Precision didn't make a 4T80 with a billet cover, so they put 4T80 internals into a 4T65 torque converter, which is a little smaller in diameter, so it's going to "spin up" faster.

The 4T80 solenoids and shift/gears are the same as the 4L80, so we'll be able to tell the 0411 PCM that's what it's running, and it'll handle it properly.

The engine cradle had to go full custom, so it's being made out of chrome moly.

I've seen a few other posts here were people cross-link posts to other threads, so I'm going to hold off on doing that, because I don't want to be a jerk. If it's okay, I'll post up a link.

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