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May 23, 2007
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Ok, first, the quality of life updates. You can now go to your preferences page and turn on email alerts for mentions and quotes (they are off by default). For new registrations, they will be on by default...the intention with doing it that way is so that if someone registers but isnt much of a forum user (looking at you, Rodger), they will receive emails if they're quoted or mentioned. Very important for those that come to the site purely for technical support.


Now for the feature update.

You can now join a growing list of "crews" that I've added to the site. Joining these can be done by visiting your preferences page.


Now, joining them doesn't do much on their own BUT starting today, you can now tag crews like you would regular members. This will allow members to target a group of folks rather than just one. For example, a 3800 thread might need all the brainpower of that crew....tagging @3800 Crew allows you to do just that. Now anyone that has joined that crew, will be notified.

I can add as many crews as needed, just gotta suggest them.

Current crew list (updating currently):

@3800 Crew
@Anime Crew
@F1 Crew
@Geek Squad
@Gun Crew
@LSx Crew
@MLB Crew
@Mustang Crew
@NBA Crew
@NFL Crew
@NHL Crew


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Jul 27, 2021
I mean it doesn't make much sense for me to join the sports crews but yeah I'm in. I think more depth as cmntmxr just stated would be helpful but maybe just don't go overboard. Maybe like a diag crew, suspension, euros. I'm sure whatever you choose will be cool tho


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Sep 12, 2008
-F-body crew as mentioned
-Corvette lovers crew
-Holden owners crew
-GM full size SUV owners crew
-Colorado owners crew
-Silverado owners crew
-Ford F-series crew (boy it hurt to type that)

BTW, we don't need a Ford full size SUV crew. Their are only a couple of of those on here who chose the incorrect path. :p

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