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Feb 19, 2005
I did the same behind my entertainment center. 5 port gigabit switch. PS3, PS4, Apple TV, retropie, apple tv plugged in. Only have the pi plugged in for file transfers and setup. No other reason really.

Did you ever test your connection speed? My wired connections are obviously faster. Both are wired now. My Xbox One gets 180 mb. And the Switch only 60 mb download. I have The Xfinity 150 mb service.

Just curious. As to why the Switch only gets 60. WiFi only got 10 mb.

I’m very happy with it to say the least. I’m gonna play super smash bros. Online.


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Aug 3, 2007
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I thought it was going to be another DLC for BoTW and was all :hsughlol: when I saw it will be a new game. It will probably be 3ish years I think. I know the wait between OoT and Majoras mask was pretty short, but I dont think they will be that short again. Even if it is the same engine. God I hope it is.

Links Awakening looks amazing indeed. excited af for Cadence of Hyrule on Thursday :run::run:

I am kinda sad I never played it on Gameboy. I will be getting it for switch though.

Mario Maker 2, Luigis mansion 3 (never played the GC one which annoys me now), and a new Animal Crossing. That alone will make me lose a lot of time. :rofl:


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May 23, 2007
I guess Awakening runs like shit right least based on IGN hands on.

Animal Crossing NEXT year is ridiculous.

I was shocked to see Witcher 3 running on looks so rough. it maxes at 720p docked and is like 540p handheld...its gonna play like crap, guaranteed :rofl:


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Oct 8, 2008
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i just ordered party, kart, and a swtich, i think i got the last switch available to ship in the quick future from best buy...

Both are pretty fun. We burned through both of them pretty quickly unfortunately. Party has like 4 maps, and only 2 game types (that are like the actual game, there are some odd mini-game setups). The mini-games are fun, but there isnt enough variety to keep me wanting to come back after getting through it just a few times. I really wish there was DLC for that game, I'd get it in a heartbeat.