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May 13, 2009
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Im really surprised it isnt. To release that game on ps4 so close to the end of the ps4's life cycle with the ps5 just a few months away... Maybe they're working on enhancements for the PS5, but as PS5 exclusive game, it would sell so many consoles.
That kinda was what they did with the first game. It came out on the ps3 toward the end of its life and then was released as remaster on the ps4.


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May 23, 2007
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Yeah. I mean they can't really go wrong if they keep it as a PS4 game and then have a DLC "upgrade" for the enhanced PS5 version. Best of both worlds for them. The PS4 user base is so large it would be kinda stupid to alienate them and make this a PS5 only game. But I'm not a bean counter, so I could see it going either way.


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Jan 26, 2008

delayed because of the virus.

Saw that on FB as well. I can see their point.... BUT.... fuck that. I'll still be bitter. I think it's bullshit. So because they can't figure out a way to release digital and physical copies at the same time, now EVERYBODY has to wait until shit opens up again..... And who knows when that'll be. This move actually kind of turned me away from the game and it's a damn good game (part 1 at least).

Final Fantasy Vii Remake sent out physical copies already (and some people already received them) and will open up digital on the 10th. Why couldn't Naughty Dog do the same for this game?
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