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Jul 16, 2004


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May 23, 2007
The Last of Us 2.

  • New traversal and prone move-sets.
  • Combat has increased emphasis on tension, interactivity and realism.
  • Enemy AI references each other by name, and constantly communicates with each other.
  • Two different timelines explored in TLOU2.
  • New dodge/evade mechanic is a core part of combat and melee.
  • You now have a jump button.
  • Far more creative and emergent moments in combat thanks to big increase in breadth of options.
  • Improved stealth mechanics, including crawl, prone, squeezing into tighter gaps, underneath vehicles etc.
  • Expanded infected enemies and whole new classes.
  • You're not automatically fully hidden in grass. Extent of your visibility depends on height & density of foliage.
  • Much more verticality in combat scenarios now. She needs more routes and ways to engage.
  • Survival aspects are still a focus.
  • Different ammo types (eg explosive arrows) now. Each ammo type fulfills a particular strategy niche.
  • Animation system is completely overhauled so everything is even more realistic and transitions are seamless.
  • Wide linear combat environments are being expanded to be even larger and broader.
  • AI system massively improved for added realism.
  • No more auto AI telepathic awareness of you once spotted. They whistle to and actually communicate with each other.
  • Referred to as systemic check-ins of AI information. They pass information to each other more realistically to let new groups and enemies know of the unfolding situation or of your position.
  • Enemy awareness and ability to seek player out improved.
  • You can now craft different ammo and arrow types.
  • Demo is set 4 years after the events of TLOU, in Jackson.
  • Seraphite(sp?) is a religious cultish group, but they will not be black and white. Motivations explored.
  • Joel is somewhere out there in Jackson....
  • They use more advanced facial camera capture and mo-cap now, more advanced than they had with Uncharted 4.
  • Lots of new facial animation tech. More nuances of the face, creases, folds, build up of skin etc.
  • Eyeball tech also re-worked, now includes internal refractions, reflections and so on.


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Jul 4, 2007
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Cant wait for this!!

I just finished FC5, is there anything similar to Last of Us on XBONE? I've tried a few zombie games via Gamepass, but none ever really kept me wanting to play.
Mark, I started playing Days Gone and I liked it. Didn't get far because of short attention span and started gaming with friends again [emoji1787]
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