The "I suck at using my Clutch" thread - 2013 Mustang GT/MT-82


Sep 28, 2007
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Wheaton, IL
So yesterday I got the 'newer' to me convertible out to the track after running my coupe all last year, and earlier this season.

My last car (2014 Mustang GT Coupe, 300a base car), had a Steeda shifter bushing, and the FRPP Power Pack on it, and turned a best pass ever of 12.59 at 113ish. Occasionally I'd miss 3rd, and completely cook a run.

The new car has the same FRPP Power back on it, with the change of a Blowfish Racing Bracket for the shifter.

I absolutely do not miss gates now (The bracket makes every gear engagement feel Rifle-like, EXTREMELY positive feeling), but am experiencing I suppose what some would refer to as 'lock-out'. I FEEL like I'm not getting on the clutch fast/hard enough, but maybe this is because I can get into 3rd gear with so much more confidence/speed with the new shifter bracket. If I 100% MAT the clutch going into 3rd, its fine (but obviously forces me to shift a bit slower), I feel like the old car it wasn't as bad about this.

I cut a 13.0X despite fussing a 3rd gear shift (getting lock out, pulling it back, and shoving it back home again as the clutch was fully matted at that point), so I suspect the car has a 12.7/12.8 in it, which would be on-par for it being 2-300lbs heavier I believe than the old car.

So this leads to my questions:

There are a few different Braided clutch fluid lines, pricing is as low as $60 for the SR Performance one, $70 for McLeod, and then as high as $249 for the Ford Racing one (that is partially SOLID line, and only a short braided piece, Factory part from the CobraJet cars).

All the reviews seem to lean toward this helping address this exact problem (by basically bringing the engagement point off the floor due to less hose expansion). I'd be willing to pay the $250 for the FRPP one if having mostly hard-line and only a short braided stretch would maximize the benefits of this. So what should I buy? Who has experience with what brands?

Secondly, MGW doesn't seem to sell their 'normal' Non-Race spec Shifter anymore brand new, unless I'm missing something?

What shifter should I buy to compliment my Blowfish bracket? Barton? Steeda?

[MENTION=2612]Pressure Ratio[/MENTION] [MENTION=917]1quick[/MENTION], Others?


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May 23, 2007
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Are you able to adjust the clutch pedal by raising or lowering it? On the Evos, you can adjust the arm on the back of the pedal for engagement within the car (higher or lower) and that helps some who experience lockout (all this is doing is adjusting where the pedal itself engages). Most of the time, on our cars (evo), the problem lies within the clutch itself.


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Jan 29, 2008
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coal city
I'm not much help I'm an auto trans guy, might be worth it to ask on but I'm sure pressure ratio can help out as well

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