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Mar 14, 2012
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For over a year, I have had noticeable squeaks in my 2004 Marauder that I thought were caused by worn bushings in the front upper control arms. Recently, I had the front upper control arms and the shocks replaced in an attempt to stop the squeaking. After the installation, the squeaks were not as noticeable but were still present. I am fortunate to live close to MuscleMerc, and he has done a lot of work on my car over the last three years. Last Saturday, I took my car to him for the installation of an EMP Stewart water pump. When he drove my car, he immediately noticed the squeaks and set out to eliminate them. He correctly diagnosed the cause of the squeaks as a worn belt tensioner and worn idler pulleys. After replacement of these worn parts, the squeaks are gone, and all is well with my Marauder. I appreciate very much the service and attention to detail provided by Travis. He is a valuable resource to the Marauder community.

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