So this sux



I have loaded dozens of websites in .. every known process running with each of them... I am pounding the hell out of it, in terms or a telnet session, ssh session, 3 ftp sessions... multiple emails running through.. and all of you beating the hell out of it...

damn... Linux is tight.. I can't even get this thing to go over 40%CPU usage..

It is one stable OS.. let me tell you... a bitch to mantain though... anyone here have LOTS of linux experience? I already know quite a bit... there is just a lot I don't know.. I already created a IRC server on here... if you are curious... as the irc server... not all the bugs worked out though... it is the same software that Dalnet uses... so it says dalnet a lot on there...

keep finding bugs for me...

THANKS GUYZ!!!!!!!!!



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Nov 9, 2008
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South Carolina
i haven't had a thing go wrong yet....LOL

I dont' know what to try to get it to go bad...

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