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  • Hey,

    Nice to see ya here! I got a client in US who is a point of sale dealer. He is in need of an efficient guy who can create and maintain a forum for his website -grocery store pos . Can u let me know if u can take it yourself or refer me somebody who is an active forum expert like u?
    Kindly mail ur response at [email protected]


    Senior Vice President - dental hospitals in hyderabad Inc.
    Executive advisor - Best dentist in Hyderabad Plc.
    Senior Vice President - Dental Implants in Hyderabad Inc.
    Bellwether Digital Media Pvt Ltd , Hyderabad, +(91)-40-40214836
    Quick questions...
    What was the stock stall on that G8 and what did you change it to?
    How much did the stall lower your ETs?

    :wavey: what's up man! OMG, I have been away from here WAY TOO friggin LONG!! School is kicking MY ASS! How have you been ??

    You need to get Mandy to join!! OMG, that would be such a blast to have her here :)
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