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Aug 4, 2011
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I just recently got my car operational again after completing an Eaton Swap. I’ve never owned or driven a vehicle that was supercharged so I have a couple questions. These are questions I realize I should ask my tuner but that’s another story.

Do I need to worry about part throttle AFR? I don't have a boost gauge. I wanted to stay with the sleeper look. I've noticed that if I take off at about 1/4 throttle I can hear the beautiful eaton wine but my AFR stays around 14.7. If I take off closer to 1/2 throttle I get more wine and wheel spin and the AFR drops to low 11s high 10s. At what throttle position, engine load, rpm etc: should the computer go from closed loop(trying to achieve 14.7) to open loop?

I thought about doing some data logging and sending it to Tim at Amazon but I’m having trouble actually data logging my AFR.

I've also noticed that my IAT (taken from the stock cobra location in the manifold) climds fast as I coast to stop. Why is that? Example: I'm crusing on the highway and as I exit I take my foot off the gas an coast to a stop my IAT will climb almost 8 degrees. What's weird is it takes longer for it come back down but eventually does. Is that normal.

Moderate acceleration

Here one about 1/2 throttle.

Here is one in 3rd gear. About 3/4 throttle

Here is a video of my IAT as I coast to stop and then accelerate again

Thanks [/S


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Sep 14, 2006
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Just go with the standard font color for your posts, people with the alternate black and grey theme can barely read your post.


Sep 28, 2007
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Wheaton, IL
My old setup (5.0 SBF with a Eaton on it) was about the same with a 'canned' type tune. 11.8 under WOT at the dyno, and usually fairly stoic *SP* under moderate load.

My truck had a few assorted stumbling issues/drivability issues, but I never got it professionally dyno tuned.

I had a long conversation with a tuner a while back about how most 'tuners' don't really do much driveability tuning, and focus on WOT and closed loop. I don't know the truth behind that, but it didn't sound unrealistic since even tuners are obviously 'out to make money' so if they can complete a tune that makes someone smile under WOT, nothing else may matter...

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