Lethal Performance's 2010 GT500- First Trip to the Track Stock


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Sep 3, 2007
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looks like a bad 60ft, and the mph seems kinda weak. idk, i like the body style u have better. the new rear ends(the body appearance, not the actual gear/axle) suck, and grabber stripes on black is hideous. I'm not impressed


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Sep 6, 2006
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Crown point, IN
Just not that impressed with these cars. I'm sure i'd love driving one, but on paper they just do not seem worth it.


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Nov 22, 2006
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The best thing about the '10 vs the '07-'09 is the interior. That said, they did learn a lot through a bunch of us modding the snot out of them. For example, they found they could actually increase the mpg by gearing down a notch from a 3.31 to a 3.55 when they let it breathe and tweaked the tune. This was individual modding that stemmed the final product for the KR. Most of what they put into the KR, mechanically, is included in the price on the 2010 GT500.

Personally, I bought mine because of the look and potential. The 2010 does nothing for me from a visual standpoint. The ass is disgusting. I love the headlights but the hood is plain old ugly.

As for Lethal's pass, it must have been heat soaked. MMFF mag just tested on with 26x12.5x17 ET Streets and had one pass at [email protected] They ran a 120 with the stock tires. Surprising to me, given my car..with at least 35 more rwhp..ran a best of 124 on stock sizes (an inch shorter as the '10 is shod with 19s.) They showed 502 SAE at the tires. I can run 124 all day when it's cooled a bit. Hot lap it and I'm down to 121 quickly. By the way, MMFF's best 60' was a 1.77.

If Lethal only got 112 out of this car, something was wrong.


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