jlt cai on a 97 cobra


Jun 17, 2007
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hey. new to this forum just bought a 97 cobra the car is stock

been reading up on all the different mods i can do and i wanted to start with a cai the one from jlt seams to be the best or most hp gain.

my question is this do i need to remove the strut bracing to use this

are there other cai that i can use that i don't have to remove the bracing

do i really need the bracing not planning on road racing

another question are the march pulleys really worth installing will i notice the gain.

also looking for a good sounding exhaust not way loud but want to hear it when i get on it any recommendations


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Nov 19, 2005
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JLT is the best, and yes you do need to remove the brace if you decide to get one, but in my opinion its worth it. You really dont need to brace, the only way I would put one of my car is if I got coilovers. If you really want to keep the brace then check out this http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?t=381264&highlight=wms+intake. But I do highly recommend a JLT, dont even consider a BBK intake, your stock stuff is better than a BBK.

March pulleys are good, If you plan on keeping your car N/A definitely get them.

As far as exhaust goes, thats all up to you. If your just looking for sound a Borla, Bassani, Mac, or Flowmaster catback will be perfect. If your looking to get some more power than definitely get a catless midpipe and Longtube headers. Just do a search on Svtperformance.com and you will be able to find exhaust sound clips and then that can help you decide on what brand catback you want.


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Feb 7, 2005
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My neighbor has a bone stock 97 cobra and Ive been trying to talk him into a CAI and exhaust. What intake can he get that will allow him to keep the brace on there??

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