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Mar 3, 2008
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Pingree Grove IL
The company I work for is looking to hire a few new helpers.
Starting pay is $14.12/hr. You have the opportunity to work your way into the apprenticeship program after 1 year. 1st year apprentices make over $17/hr, 2nd year apprentices make over $21/hr.

the apprenticeship program is 4 years long, 3 weeks of school per year.

Helpers help the journeymen on a job site. Cleaning, sweeping, moving material... helping scrape and sand floors for floor prep. Unbox material ( like carpet tiles ).
Most work is M-F 7-3 but there's alot of opportunity for night work and weekend work.
My boss, who is the field superintendant, requires the helpers to pretty much work whenever needed.
night work and Saturday's are Time and a half, Sunday work is Double time.

The company provides health ins for helpers after 60-90 days ( i can double check ).

Once you get into the apprentice program, it's all union dues and health benefits.

Journeymen make over $43/hr, so this would be the start of a career if you are physically committed to the job.
it's not glorious be forewarned.

If interested, PM me and i can give you info on coming in to fill out an APP.

My boss is looking to interview after the 1st of the year.

Initial dues/ fees @ the union is around $185 bucks.
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