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NEW RIDE Bought a dream car - JackS Snags C8 Corvette


Mar 17, 2013
Arlington Heights
Earlier this week I had an opportunity to buy a 2020 Corvette. It's not loaded or anything but compared to any cars in my past, it's a fucking rocket ship. I know it's not the fastest car but it's the craziest car I've ever owned by a long shot. It still doesn't feel real.

First will be tints and that'll probably be it for this summer, maybe powder coat the wheels. Eventually I'd like to lower it and put some exhaust on there.

I've had fun cars in the past but nothing I could really just get into and take whenever or wherever I wanted.

These are the only pictures I've got so far


The car continues to impress. I filled the car up Wednesday night and today drove it to road America. It had a few trips around the neighborhood showing it to a couple buddies on it before we took off today. This wasn't some cruise set at 65 in the right lane driving either. Hit a new top speed on the way there and traffic on the way home was ass so speeds were not consistent