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NEW RIDE Bought a dream car - JackS Snags C8 Corvette


Harvester of Sorrow
Oct 15, 2004
The car continues to impress. I filled the car up Wednesday night and today drove it to road America. It had a few trips around the neighborhood showing it to a couple buddies on it before we took off today. This wasn't some cruise set at 65 in the right lane driving either. Hit a new top speed on the way there and traffic on the way home was ass so speeds were not consistent View attachment 92529
Congrats on the Vette! This is the first year in a LONG time I missed IndyCar at Road America. I'm sad about that, lol!
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Sep 6, 2006
Crown point, IN
I'm sure I'll get some shit but I'm leaning black. 99% of the car is black already so it'd complete a murdered look real easy. I'm going to wait a year or two for an aftermarket set that I'd get in a different color
Bronze wheels would look sickkkkkkkkkkkkkckckckckck on a black vette with tinted windows. JS

Congrats! Such a badass car
Mook Mook had his wheels powder coated the perfect bronze color for a black car. I’m jealous because my wheels are much darker. IMO you should PC your wheels the same color as his then I will hate you .
I was leaning black on the stocks but you guys are kinda getting on my head about bronze. Might have to check out some samples damnit
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moar pics
Unfortunately the weather has been less than ideal so I haven't had a chance to wash it and get some good pics. These are the only others I've really got
I was able to get the car cleaned up before I put it away for the winter. I took the car to Auto Image in Barrington for tint, xpel film, and ceramic coating. The car came out better than I could have expected. I went with 55% IR film on the windshield and 15% ceramic on the doors. It's PERFECT. Fairly dark but not so bad that I have to hesitate if I'm driving spirited.
Finally got around to getting an exhaust on the car. Went with the Corsa Xtreme and their black out heat protection so you don't see all that silver once the GIANT stock muffler is removed. Basically a muffler delete. I really like how it sounds, pretty loud but not neighbor call the cops loud if I keep my foot out of it. But best of all it got rid of those terrible square tips