A/C Recharge Pressures?


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Mar 4, 2004
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My A/C doesn't get very cold at all, so I thought I'd throw some more charge in it. I've done it years ago with the old R-12, but I've never done it with an R-134, not that it should matter much.

Anywho, I'm assuming the low pressure line is the one that is right on top with the access cap on the passenger side of the engine near the firewall? I didn't see a second line, so I'm assuming some Ford engineer was actually nice enough to route the access port in an accessible location and buried the high side line since you don't typically service it. Can anyone confirm?

I know you're supposed to read the pressure with the A/C running, so I start it up and it's reading a little towards the low end (24lbs) except when the compressor kicks in, at which time it builds quickly to around 60 or so before tailing back off when the compressor stops a few seconds later.

Does anyone know, is the correct pressure the reading when the compressor is NOT running? If so, I'm going to add about half a can I think since it's just shy of full.

Anyone else need a charge? I'm not going to use this whole can and I'm sure it will leak out of the tapped can after a few days. I bought a kit with a gauge in case anyone wants to borrow the gauge in the future.


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Mar 5, 2006
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When I service 134A systems at my shop I always hook up to both the high side and low side to check the pressues

Id add 2oz again and again untill it gets cold.


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