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I have been kicking around the idea of buying a 911 Turbo for years now. I love the 930, 964, and 993 are all out of my price range. Air cooled Porsche are pulling insane money right now. But the 996 (2001-2005) and 997.1 (2007-2008) were in my price range. Not like anything is wrong with them by any means. They started out with 415hp in 2001 up to 480hp in 2007. Plus they have AWD. And let's not forget the incredible torque they make.

After looking for a while I decided to hunt down a 997.1 for a few reasons. It still looks modern (especially the interior), it has an upgraded AWD system over the 996, has variable geometry turbos that spool quickly and make great torque just about anywhere, and it has round headlight. haha But a big reason to get a 2007-early 2009 was the 2010 cars had a different motor and were mostly dual clutch cars. The pre 2010 car used the famously reliable Mezger engine.

The car doesn't have a lot of options. But it has the two main ones I wanted. Locking diff and Sports Chrono package. It has heated seats, Porsche insignia in the headrests, sport steering wheel, and Bose stereo adds a nice touch in the interior. But more than anything it was the color I wanted. I didn't want a silver or black one. It seems those two colors make up like 90% of these cars.

Here are some pic for now. Mook said he would shank me if I didn't post up about the car. So after two days of lots of driving, I took a few pics. So it is a little dirty.








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