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BUILD Twin Turbo Hellcat


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Sep 13, 2012
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Mount Prospect
After being an S/C guy my entire car life, I’m venturing out and trying turbos. I’ll be using the Hellion twin kit. Turbos are my tuner’s “wheelhouse”, which swayed me easier. I had a target of 8.9 full weight on my current setup and I believe I would of hit that this fall without issue. I’m looking forward to learning the car all over again.

Launching will be the biggest hurdle to dial in to equal / better my current ET’s, but I’ll get it. I’ll have a two-step to help get it going. I’m looking to equal my current low 1.3x 60’s.

I’m going with a Hellion kit with 6466 turbos.

I’m also going to use this Goertz1 air to water intake that will run off the coolant tank under the hood and be chilled by my FI

The setup comes with an electronic boost controller and I’ll have various power settings available at the tap of a button all while retaining my flex fuel setup. Boost setting “1 and 2” would be safe for 93 or e85, boost setting 3, 4, 5 would be good on pump e, but not 93, and then boost setting 6 would be an e90 pure race dedicated only.

I’ll be making the move early August. I’ll provide updates, pictures, etc. as the process goes along.

Hopefully to the track in Aug/Sep to start testing.


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