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So I guess I have an arsenal now...

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I went to the In-Laws house today to trim some storm damage and spend some time with my Father-in-Law. The quick back story is that he has ALS. (Lou Gahrigs Disease) It's a debilitating, degenerative muscular disease with no cure and leaves people with about a year or two left to live...he's had it for about 9 months now and he's almost in a wheel chair. We are very sad over this to say the least.

His hobby all of his life has been fire arms. He wanted my wife and me to have some of them and chose today to give us a few and tell us the history on those and the rest of his collection. He gave us a WWII US Army issue .45 caliber, a WWII German P38, a WWII British M4 rifle, a WWI German Luger, a 12 gauge Remington pump action shot gun and two .22 caliber Remington varmint rifles with scopes. He also gave us books for each weapon and cases. He knows so much about this stuff and I know nothing but plan on giving myself a crash course on a few of these so that we can go to the range in October while he can still pull a trigger...barely.

It's an honor to have these and they will never leave our family. The first thing I did was convert one of our less assuming closets into a reinforced locking closet until I can buy a gun safe. I need to head to a gun shop and get some trigger locks and a cleaning kit.

With this done, I must say I'm very excited to learn about these pieces of history and shoot them. I figure next Spring I'll see if I'm any good at trap shooting. I'm afraid that he won't be able to shoot with me by then but I want to try in the hope that he'll feel good that he's been able to pass his passion for this hobby onto someone he cares for.

I don't mean to rant on but it's been a long sad day for my wife and me. He is a great man who's lead too giving of a life to have it end this way. He's literally wasting away before our eyes. My wife and Sister-in-Law are there for their parents and I’m there for my wife but I’m left to greave on my own. I don’t want to add more stress on to my wife and the family. I suppose I may end up dumping out to friends every once in a while.

Anyway, has anyone ever shot these types of guns before? I grew up with .22 rifles but nothing like these other weapons. I think I may display the .45 and the Luger (which is 95 years old and stamped with Nazi markings.) in shadow boxes in my den.


Nov 10, 2008
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Lake Zurich
sorry to hear about your dad in law :(

Regarding the guns... I have very minimal experience w/guns ... but I love shooting them!

Earlier this year (during the winter months) the F-Body club i'm in had a "gun day" ... (ok... no redneck jokes here :p we all drive 4th gens :p :p )

we had a shooting range for 2 hoiurs... all 6 lanes (ended up being about 14 bux a head so wasn't bad)

I rented a 9mm Glock (10/hour to rent, I brought ammo) and it was ok... then shot a buddies .22 pistol... felt like a freaking BB gun...

Then I shot a springfield 1911 (I think that's it?) .45 calibur... thing was crazy... the kick was insane .... he had modified it heavily (once I have extra cash and want to buy a gun... this will be the 2nd one I buy... after the 44 magnum 6 shot revolver... I love modding cars.. so i'll like modding guns hehe)

But the last gun I rented was a 44 magnum ... I didn't have ammo for it so had to buy it at inflated gun range prices... and they sold me regular 44 ammo... not Magnum ammo :( but thing felt awesome!

If you're interested I'll let you know the next time we do a gun day (it's up in McHenry, IL) I'm hoping we have one setup for November or December...

Didn't see any mention of a FOID card... if you don't have one... get one... takes about 1-2 months to get it back... but only costs 5 bux for 5 years I think


Thanks, I was not in my best mood earlier.

As for the FOID card, oh yea, I got one, bad photo and all. I loved question #5, "Are you mentally handicapped?"

My Father-in-Law has a 1911 too, he's keeping that for now. He also has a .357 Magnum but told me that he shoots it with standard .38 rounds, says they fit but are a little shorter and produces less wear. He's talked about shooting a "Tommy" gun at his range before, I think that was like breaking into 13's or 12's for us.

If I have time, given school, work and family time, I'd like to go to gun ranges with others. As I say...instant arsenal, I have a grand start into this hobby.

Funny thing is, I don't have the heart to kill an animal. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat the ass out of processed kills and I don't fault anyone for hunting but I just can't bring myself to do it. I guess I'm a gun toting passivest! :blink:

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