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May 23, 2007
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While I wouldn't really call project cars a hardcore racing sim, its definitely farther up that scale than Forza is. But I do love the career progression a hell of a lot more than Forza's. In PC you can literally start racing with go karts and work your way up to Formula A cars (pc's version of formula 1) And you can do actual race weekends as well, with practice and qualifying sessions. It also has a ton of great tracks. Car selection however, lacks, and Forza is the clear winner there. in PC you don't buy cars, and you cant modify or customize them (aside from choosing a different livery). When you start a new season with a new team, you pick whatever car you want to use for that season in whatever class youre racing in, and thats your car. I would say both games give you a pretty good driving experience as far as how the cars feel and react, but I don't know if i'd want to play PC with a controller. Forza is definitely easier to pick up and play with a controller. You can adjust pretty much EVERY setting in PC tho.

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