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OFFICIAL TCG Dragy Leaderboard Rankings


3-man rules!!!!
Jul 4, 2007
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Lansing, IL
Mook Mook Fastest Golf R on TCG now :angrys00ls:. I have only made one 1/4 dragy attemp and was spinning!. Still not bad. I need to check your thread to see what rim tire combo your running now. I need to definitely get tires. Wow this beat my S8 time. LOL

2015 Golf R
APR Stage 3 Turbo Kit (BorgWarner 7163)
APR Fueling Kit
APR Carbon Fiber Intake
APR Carb fiber turbo inlet
APR intercooler
APR boost pipes
APR downpipe
APR midpipe
APR Stage 3 +TCU tune
APR Stage 3 + ECU tune

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What kind of power do you guys make?

I know its a power/weight but still. Just curious

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