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El Presidente
May 23, 2007
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This is new to TCG but is a built in feature of VB.

When you create topics in certain sections (Auto, Off Topic, as examples), you'll see a drop down next to the Title box. From there you have some options on how to label your thread.

This serves a few purposes -

1. It better defines what your thread is. For example, you're creating a thread in Off Topic which contains a video from YT. You would choose the YT prefix to easily designate your thread as watchable.
2. Each prefix icon is clickable which then brings up a list of ALL threads tagged with that prefix. This makes things INSANELY easier to search, if tagged properly of course. You can bring up all threads which have a youtube video, or all TV threads, or threads that are tagged as being GM, etc.

This should also help cut down on repost and lost threads. I'm guilty of that no doubt.

For now, I only have a few tags. No need to go nuts. I encourage you guys to use them b/c this will make browsing and searching a much more intuitive experience.

Let me know if you have any questions. (And yes, there kind of was a thread on this but it had a lot going on in it, and an explanation thread was warranted)

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