My Lights Out 9 Drag Racing Miracle


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Mar 29, 2004
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New Lenox IL
Do you believe in Drag Racing Miracles? Let me tell you my story...

I started working for a kid’s juice company called Good2GRow. It has been a breath of fresh air for me and my family. Better pay, benefits, opportunity to advance my career. They are based out of Atlanta GA. It's a small privately owned company. Half of the employees live in their markets all over the USA. Four times a year, the company brings everyone in for meetings to Atlanta. My first G2G meeting was scheduled for Feb 13 thru 15. I soon realized that it was also the same time that Duck X Productions was hosting Lights Out 9, the baddest small tire race in the world near Valdosta GA.

The race track was 200 miles away from the G2G corporate office. I didn't have any vacation time yet to take a day off and go. Even then, it would cost quite a bit of cash to go. Being that I am still crawling out of my financial pot hole, chances were slim to none that I could attend this bad ass race at this time or ever for that matter. I thought to myself, only a miracle would allow me to attend the race.

After the first day of meetings, I find out my boss forgot to tell me that we only needed to be there Tuesday and Wednesday. My return flight was for Thursday 7:00pm. I tried changing the flight but only Thursday morning was available. The “Big” boss told me not to worry. He invited me to dinner with some of my other coworkers. My boss felt horrible.

I made it to the airport Thursday morning. As I walked to the terminal to board, the flight was cancelled due to the fog in Chicago. Hmmmmm.....
Southwest rescheduled everybody. Since I had to pick up my boss at Midway Friday morning to attend two meetings, I chose an early Friday flight scheduled to arrive an hour before my boss. That gave me a full day of nothing to do…Hmmmmmm. My boss felt terrible and told me to rent a car, get a room, and have some fun.

I jumped in the rental and started contemplating if I should go. I thought “This is crazy!” I stopped at a Chik-Fil-A, had lunch, carefully analyzed travel times. 6 hours of round trip driving was gonna hurt since I had to board the plane at 6:20am. I bought my ticket on my phone and started heading to Lights Out 9!

When I turned on Spotify to listen to music for the 3 hour drive, the first song that came on was Godsmack’s 1000 HP!! It was at this time that I realized a miracle had happened to me. Well, maybe just a little drag racing miracle! After having to sell my car when I lost my job, this is what I needed to fuel my soul and know that better things are ahead for me and my family.

I got to watch Outlaw 632 and Radial vs the World’s first qualifying hits. Saw my first 3 second 1/8th mile hit. Unfortunately, I had to leave at 10:00pm and drive back to Atlanta. I stopped at a hotel a couple of miles from the airport at 1:00am, took a three hour nap, shower, shit, and shave. I made it back to Chicago in one piece with a smile on my face. Total cost for me $50.

Do you believe in Drag Racing Miracles? I do.

Here are the pics I took….


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Jun 25, 2007
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The Litter Box
Way to just say fuck it and pull he trigger on going. There’s a lot of money in those pics!


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Jul 15, 2010
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Went last year, was a blast. Would go again!

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