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Apr 28, 2010
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Ok heres the deal. I financed this car from Wachovia Dealers and now im unable to make the payments. I lost my job.

So now its for sale for the amount i owe left; $16,000

Here are the details on everything about the car.

2007 Mazdaspeed 3
45,000 miles
2nd owner, first owner gave it up after 10k miles for an STi
I am 25 yrs of age and dont race cars (anywhere)

I have paper work for every Oil change performed. Done by a mazdaspeed dealership and 1 random jiffy lube. Trans fluid has been changed as well.

What has been done to the car:

Mazdaspeed Intake (Previous owner)

Mazdaspeed Exhaust (Previous owner)

Forge BPV (me)

1st gen turbo was replaced with a 2nd gen turbo to fix the crappy oil seals. New turbo has about 7k miles on it. I have the paper work for it.

Eagle GT performance tires - 90%+ tire tread left.

I removed the moldings and rear emblem. Windows were tinted by previous owner so i do NOT know how dark they are. But if you are asking my opinion, i would say they are dark enough.

Wheels are stock, but i painted them with automotive grade Midnight Metallic Blue and added 3 coats of clear to them. They have very few chips or blemishes.

I took the car to the track when i first bought it and ran it TWICE. After i had lost my job, i realized that i couldnt risk street/drag racing. Car was used to commute mostly highway between milwaukee and chicago.

I need to sell this car ASAP because i have arranged to willingly surrender the car back to wachovia. I would rather the car went to someone who wants one.

Body is in great condition, one very minor indent on the rear passenger door. Could possibly be pulled via PDR.

If you have any questions please feel free to EMAIL ME ([email protected]). I will answer any questions you have and i can take any other pictures of whatever you need.

Its really depressing to get rid of this car. I thought it was going to be the car that i put my heart and soul into. I want to give it to an enthusiast and not a dealer.

Make this happen please.

I live in Elgin, IL. Ignore the mazdas247.com shit, i had to do it for the mazdaspeed forum im on


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May 23, 2007
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i referred him here. sup man :wavey:

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