FS: Lightning Parts - Ruslow Heim Kit for QA1 Shocks


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Mar 4, 2004
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I found another uninstalled part from my Lightning. This is the Heim joint kit for the rear shocks of the Lightnings, which fits the QA1 replacement shocks. Basically, it improves the design of the top shock mounts and makes them easier to replace at the same time. From Stan's own words:

Stan Ruslow said:
The heim kit is a feature that I used on my truck and still do use. What it does is replace the upper rubber donut mount system and replace it with a bearing by doing that you eliminate the side force on the shaft of the shock and the shock lives longer[in same conditions] as well as makes the shock give its true setting. Some when they lowered their trucks broke the top of the mount off [stock qa] because of the excessive angle they [shock] were working at. Stan
Original price = $55.00, your 'just found in the closet' discounted price = $40.00, plus shipping.

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