FS: HPI nitro RS4 3 evo rc car (69 camaro and sti bodies)


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Oct 24, 2007
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Denver, CO
I have an HPI RS4 3 Evo nitro 1/10th road car for sale. It's all stock minus the wheels/tires and bodies. It's plenty fast in stock form (50mph). It has a 2.2hp engine and 2 speed adjustable trans.

Comes with an hpi '69 camaro body with vintage wheel setup and also an hpi prova subaru sti body with wheels to go with it. Only issue is it flipped over on me once when I was tuning without a body and it cracked half of the top cooling fin off. It still runs and drives just fine. Comes with everything pictured. You just need standard field equipment like AA batteries, Fuel and glow ignitor.
Camaro body was $30
wheels/tires for camaro were $45
Subaru body was $30
Kit new was $369

Looking for $200obo


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