Dinner Guests Coming Over? How About Chicken Picatta?


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If anyone is looking for an inexpensive meal that will make guests think you are a master chef, try some chicken picatta. It's basically pounded, fried chicken breasts in a lemon/butter/chicken stock/capers sauce. Complex flavors that are easy to make. You can serve it over noodles, rice, etc. or just by itself.

Here are a couple video recipes and a printed one. These should get you started. My advice is to use a food thermometer to get the chicken out of the pan at 165* (tender). Make the sauce and then taste. Adjust as necessary by adding salt, butter or lemon if needed. You want to be able to taste the lemon and capers but not have them overpower the creamy, butter sauce. Reduce the sauce until it's like a gravy.

Chef John with his version.


Zakarian does this in TV time. Could use a bit more reducing but you get the idea.


Here's the old school Betty Crocker recipe:



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