DA Grove 50th anniversary B-day bash



i am working with ARS Promotions to make a special DVD for the grove. if anyone wants a complete DVD of this weekend, please contact me. we will have all the editing done in about 2 weeks at most. so if you want to see the wise guys, some natalgia boys, outlaw super street, midwest gassers, summit super series bracket racing, wheels standers, broadway bob hanging from a dragons mouth, some jet cars, and live interviews by pat hart with broadway bob, "big daddy" don gartlits, arnie " the farmer" beswick, and owner randy. they should only be about $10-15 + shipping (dont quote me just yet, ill get final figures soon), so it wont kill anyone's wallet to pic one of these awsome videos up. and the quality for what equipment and knowledge we have is better than most video's i have seen and previously worked on.

i also a few copies of "J&R day at the races" left. it was a bracket/test & tune event held by J&R auto. they have a couple every year. if you want to see some good still shots, interviews with a few local drivers, and some good ol grass roots bracket racing accompanied by music let me know. these are also only $10 + shipping

if you are interested please contact me at [email protected] with what you would like. i might be able to get "ARS Promotions video production for the car enthusiast" shirts also,if intereted.

i will keep you updated on the prices, and availablity of DVD's and t-shirts


Originally posted by CoolGTX@Sep 6 2005, 06:39 AM
is there anything about the FWD class they had? ;)  :ph34r:
there was no FWD class this weekend. there were a couple racing in the summit super series in the regular brackets. if they were gonna have one, they wouldnt have had enough entries to support a multi round bracket.

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