Craigslist find: Weigh Shift Control Kart

Yaj Yak

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May 24, 2007
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On you tube see this thing under weight shift control kart it's the only one made.
You shift your weight to steer on apply brackes

Have you ever ridden one? NO! Of course not! This is the only one in the world.
What ar e you waiting for? The price is going up each week it dose not sell.
More than likely you are not cool enough to have one. Why do you think I have to sell it? Because I am not cool enough.
Would a cool guy write such a stupid message like this.

This thing thing is a blast to ride! Do you think it should be ride or drive? Why do you ride a motorcycle and ride a snowmobile but you drive a car. What is the difference? Do you think I smoke crack? Well I DONT! Drugs are bad mmmkkaa

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