93 Honda Del Sol SI


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Aug 22, 2008
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Chicago IL
93 Honda Del Sol SI
Rebuilt Title
Does Not Burn Oil
30 MPG City

$2700 OBO

Goodies -

Alpine MP3/WMA CD Player
Sony XPlod 6 1/2s All Around
10mm Vision MotorWorks Wires
NGK Iridium IX Plugs
Injen Short Ram Intake
VTEC Powder Coated Valve Cover
New Valve Cover Gasket
DC Sport Oil Cap
Upper, B-Pillar, Rear Strut Bars
Full Aluminum Radiator
1.1 Bar Radiator Cap
160 Degree Thermostat
Polyurethane Inserts w/ Stock Shocks on Eibach Springs 1.5" Front / 2" Rear Drop
Polyurethane Inserts Rear Tie Rods
Vision MotorWorks Shift Knob
Megan Racing Short Throw Shifter
Full Heat Wrapped 4-2-1 Headers
New O2 Sensor
New Oil Pan & Gasket
New Drivers Side Axel
New Drivers Side Control Arm
New Drivers Side Wheel Bearing
New Cano Alternator
Exedy Stage I Clutch
Fidanza 7Lb Flywheel
Braided Steel Clutch line
New Slave Cylinder
New Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Pads/Discs Front/Rear
New Rear Calipers
16" Rota Slipstreams w/ Polished Lip on Falken Ziex Tires w/ decent tread left
Prestige Alarm/Remote Start w/ Pager LCD
Keyless Entry
Dynomax Ultra Flow Exhaust
Pilot MotorSports Tip - Nice Not Rice
2 1/2 Inch Piping
Thrust Resonator
H4 Clear Lights
A/C Delete
Cruise Control Delete
Cat Delete

This was my daily driver for about a year now. Car runs and drives good. VTEC engages nicely. Does not burn oil. Gets great gas mileage, I've gotten 300 miles on a full tank city driving. I'm selling it because I've gotten bored of it and looking to get something else. Its got your basic bolt-ons for a Honda to give it a little bit more pep. I'd guesstimate a mid 15 for you race car drivers out there on the 1/4 mile. Not exactly the fastest but its ok. Its served me well and I've done basic maintenance to it on time. It does have its quirks but overall its a good car. The motor, trans, and suspension are good condition.

The previous owner put a homemade paint job on it and it shows. Minimal rust by the door openings and fuel lid. Doesn't have your typical Honda rust on the rear but I would still recommend undercoating them. Fog lights are off the car. Slight crack on the front bumper passenger side from the previous owner. The Passenger door has a dent but it looks like u can pop it out easily. Drivers outside door handle doesn't open the door but you can open it from the inside(Lock spring on the inside probably popped). Drivers window goes down but doesn't go up easily(misaligned track). The exhaust resonates off the rear of the car sometimes, it needs to be extended about 1" out and it shouldn't do that anymore(THIS HAS BEEN FIXED). The alignment is off a bit only because of the axle being installed. So in short its got some little things but for the most part they don't deter the fact that you can put gas in it and go without breaking the bank.

For those that come with cash at my asking price I will include the following:

2 quarts of OEM Honda Transmission Fluid
4 quarts of Castrol GTX 10w30 Motor Oil w/ Fram Tough Guard Filter
New Front/Rear Lower Strut Bars
New Clutch Master Cylinder
OBX Precision Power Alternator/Power Steering Pulleys
Stock SI Rims & Tires w/ fair tread
Stock SI Rear Wing
Stock Shifter w/ SI Knob
Stock Flywheel
Chiltons Service Manual

PM me if you're serious..
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Oct 24, 2007
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Denver, CO
i forwarded it to my sister in law. shes looking for another DD and her last car was a clapped out del sol; this is much nicer! i'll let you know!

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