5-Speed Grand Prix


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Sep 15, 2008
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ok so iv got an 89' grand prix se 5-speed manual trans 2.8L pretty nice car. will have it for sale very soon i am in the process of tune up and rear head replacement. the threads are messed up in one spark plug hole at the moment. iv had the car since 2001. i drove in in highschool and i took it to collage when i went to wyotech. its got like alot of miles i think. i cant remember i havnt drove the car in like a year. i bought it with 77k its got a new clutch and like i said itll have a tune up, new gaskets from the head up. and it runs great! shifts smooth. i just put a lower mile trans in it. the old one broke the shift fork for 1st-2nd and i just got another trans. and did the clutch at that time. then when doing a tune up on it the plug gave me shit. and i parked it. but now i am going to finally part ways with it.

if anyone is actually interested in it i can get some pics or you can even come and see it if you would like. i think il be asking 2k, but i dont really know what its worth beacuse is is an 89'.

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