2009 HHR SS 5-speed FS/FT


Mar 4, 2013
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elk grove
Hey guys I no longer need this as my DD and had it listed on craigslist for a bit but figured I'd toss it up on here to see if anyone had any interesting trades and the like.

2009 HHR SS Wagon- 2.0 turbo
5-speed manual and Brembo's
157,xxx miles may go up a bit
Never modded
interior is decent
Exterior- Dent in back door, rust forming at the bottom of the front doors, drivers mirror is cracked but may replace soon. Other than mentioned its pretty clean.
Mechanically the car is in good working order, front struts are worn but really only noticeable over pot holes and rail road tracks.

The car is located in Elk Grove
Mainly just see what trades are out there but since I need a cash price 3900


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