‘89 LX


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Mar 9, 2014
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Lost interest, done changing directions, owned since Aug.1 of ‘96 I’ll leave it there.
Would rather sell complete than part out for right now. Also, I understand post rules require a price, but I really cannot put a price on this? I am open to any reasonable offer and I’m not even sure what that is at this point. Trades? What do you have....
Stock 89 Block
347 Scat Forged Stroker Kit H beam rods
Jegs/Kasse canted valve heads(old style P38)
Port matched, 2.10/1.60 valves double or triple springs, do not recall.
Scorpion 1.7RR’s
Bullet Cam-Never received a camcard but around a 600 lift/276ish? Duration??
Diamond pistons, once again, no more info than that.
Parker funnelwed(knockoff) intake
750 demon carb.

2” Kooks, 3.5” to 3” X-pipe, dumped Flowmasters

UPR ARB...I think it’s a UPR?

Engine was done in ‘09 by LRE. I am sure if asked Doug or Steve could gather all the info, give more insight. They know the car and have seen a few changes with it. I was young, and on a budget for most of its life, it’s time to move on.
It has maybe 100 street miles and 10? passes.
12.20 @ 115 with a 2.02 60ft was the best I ever got it to go.

D&D front K member
Solid motor mounts

Liberty Proshifted T5 no problems as I recall.
Also typical T5 currently installed for street driving...makes a ton of noise

“10”point cage, never installed the kickers towards the tunnel.. tried to maintain back seats. Didn’t work.

Stock fox body width 8.8" housing
Moser 35 spline 4 lug axles with 1/2" 3" long studs
Moser 35 spline spool
Moser C-clip eliminators
3.90 gear set
Aluminum 8.8 rearend girdle with bearing support
large Ford 8.8 pinion flange (stock F150 for use with a 1350 U-joint on the driveshaft)
Wilwood 4 lug Dynolite pro series brakes (part # 140--2783-b)
Baseline Suspensions Pro-Launch 1 UCA's
HAL/QA1 single adjustable drag shocks

Pin on hood, mis colored a bit

Original seats, ok shape

Aftermarket carpet with a trans fluid stain on the p side

Rear floors are going, prolly gone by now.

Fronts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Old 275 mickeys

Runs and Drives. She’s rough. Bad decisions, poor body work, bad welds here and there. It’s probably worth more apart than together? I’d rather sell complete, make me an offer. Anyone that is interested is more than welcome to come look, inspect, if your serious, you can drive.
Sits in my garage in Woodstock

Text for potato pics, come for the real thing.
815 790 6028

Mook, We’ve only met once, if this post is an issue, let me know and I will remove. I’m obviously not super active on the site, not looking for any problems..
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Mar 9, 2014
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So I have a few trade offers, that look to be in the 5-6k range, nothing I’m interested in. So, 6k or best is where I’ll start I geuss. I have a bunch of pics, ready to send if anyone is interested. When it comes to trades....No bikes or boats, maybe a camper or RV, side by side etc...Do you do construction? Me too, but I want a deck and do not have the time to do myself, maybe a trade for work? HMU!

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