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  • I actually quit work so I can concentrate on school. Couldn't be happier. I really miss the people though. Between my favorite customers AND people I work with. HEAVYKEVY and stuff, it's pretty sad. I go in there once and awhile and it's like a part of me was ripped off :tear:

    I had done it for SO damn long, it was like damn second nature. It was just time for a switch. School is so damn cool though. Right now I'm getting into my truck classes and it's damn impressive. Straight auto classes were getting monotenous (sp?)

    Sure can't WAIT for better weather! Want to get out there and race carz it around...

    beep beep

    buye :wavey:
    :wavey: what's up man! OMG, I have been away from here WAY TOO friggin LONG!! School is kicking MY ASS! How have you been ??
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