ZZP LCA's and custom 3800 heads


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Feb 26, 2010
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All items do not include shipping, unless otherwise noted. Paypal only, unless local. Please send money as a gift so I do not get charged by Paypal. All sales are final. All items have been tested and are in good working order. Any issues will be posted next to the item. I do not accept bids, dibs, or holds. I have sold many items, ranging from car parts to electronics to random stuff. I gave good rep and I use great communication. Ask anyone who has bought from me on here or on other forums I frequent. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask. Post will be updated each time something is added or sold, feel free to check back every once in a while to see if new items were added!
PICS HERE - http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm107/TraptPatriot/For Sale/Car Parts/

SOLD - ZZP Tubular LCA's with upgraded spherical rods. Brand new, never installed. Rods bought from Midwest Control. Nylon injection, SS, full race.

SOLD - Heads built/worked on by Ressurection Joe and Janice. Flowbenched close to ZZP S3 heads. Mild runner port work will pass S3 heads.
PBM Performance 110# springs installed at 1.800"
LS1 retainers
Stock valve locks
Steel clad, high temp Viton Valve Seals.
Surfaces cut .005" for perfect flatness.
Shortened valve guides for higher lift.
Machined valve guides bosses for valve seals.
Ported intake and exhaust bowls.
100% bead blasted intake runners, exhaust runners and chambers.
Bronze valve guides installed and finish honed to size.
Competition intake valve job.
Full radius exhaust valve job.
Valves reground, back-cut and tipped.
Heads come assembled with 110# seat pressure and 265# open pressure.
Maximum valve lift is .600"
Retainer to seal clearance is .630"
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