Request Would anyone like to help sponsor a new feature for TCG?


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May 23, 2007
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I guess theres no shame in asking for help, even though I hate doing it. I've been talking with a dev about adding a unique feature to the site, which would be to allow guests to sign up for email alerts to threads (much like members can do). This would be (afaik), ONLY found on TCG and with guest posting seemingly on the rise, this would be the perfect way to let people get alerts on threads and activity that don't otherwise use forums.

I've got the dev down to 200 bucks but right now, I need to pinch pennies, especially since unemployment is fucked and nothing will start until some time in April (hopefully)...and I paid off other bills, so I'm tight on funds right now. This is NOT something that TCG needs but more an added benefit, so if no one is comfortable helping out, I'm 100% ok with that. I have money that was donated set aside for the server, so def not gonna touch that.

But just because I'm down and out, doesn't mean TCG needs to suffer. I want to continue to improve and innovate just like I have the past 17 years.
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