World's First Internet Car Radio


El Presidente
May 23, 2007
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Satellite radio is dead. The world's first internet car radio, from Blaupunkt and miRoamer delivers thousands of internet stations integrated with a standard AM/FM/CD dash console worthy of KITT.

All of your preferences, providers and searches are customized on miRoamer's site, and you can instantly flip back and forth between internet or terrestrial radio stations in the console. The secret sauce is 3G GSM. Since it's just a plug-n-play SIM, it theoretically means you could get the Australia-based service working in the States on AT&T, once it goes from being built-in equipment to a setup you can buy separately.

Even if it's not available over here immediately, just because it's the first doesn't mean it'll be the only one like this—this is just the beginning of car internet radio, for sure. Plus, I'm pretty sure someone will find a way to hack the 3G to use it tether it to your laptop over the system's built-in Bluetooth (as long as it has the right protocols built-in, anyway).

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