white late 80s vert with ridiculous power

Svt Abuser

Jul 26, 2006
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hey...i seen a guy on I-55 south today, got on from lagrange rd....I seen the car, it looked kinda wierd with the whale tail and what looked like ford fairmont tail lights? anyways....he is a good 1/8th mile in front of me, and steps on the gas...from as far away as I was, I could hear his supercharger or turbo sucking down major atmosphere, it was really unreal...so I catch up, pull next to him, give him the thumbs up, he smiles, and drops the hammer..we were going about 80, and he flew by like he was shot out of a slingshot...tottally F*ckin awesome...

anyways, I was the 2005 red gt...is it anyone here? .....

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