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Jun 25, 2015
Was able to grab these about 3 years ago when I was living in Japan. I think I paid about $170 for the 17 year and $225 for the 21 year. Ran out of room in the luggage when moving to Russia so left these with a couple guys from my old department. With covid preventing travel they have just held on to them for me. We were able to meet up in Poland last week and they brought them to do a handoff.

What is crazy is that the price is around $1000+ a bottle now and that’s if you could even find them. Will probably be selling these if anyone knows someone interested.



Apr 10, 2016
Plano IL
Bourbon is about the only good thing to come out of indiana.
Shhh! Lets keep that a secret while people keep paying 1000% over MSRP for something made by heaven hill.

Looks like their stuff is actually distilled and aged by Bardstown, blended and bottled in IN. Not suprised. When i went there i saw Angel's envy barrels in their rickhouse when i did a tour there. Tour guide said a lot of big names in bourbon are distilled and aged there.


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Dec 18, 2010
I didnt look through this whole thread to see if it was dicussed, but has anyone tried the skrewball peanutbutter whiskey? I'm not a whiskey drinker and was wondering if it would appeal to a swill beer drinker like myself? Dont mean to offend anyone if this stuff isnt even considered whiskey.

It's alright as a mixer. For something you want peanut flavor in. I wouldn't drink it by itself. I had a bottle gifted to me. I drank it. I didnt buy again. But I buy to drink, not to keep.
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