Which springs to use on 03 GT Convertible..


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Apr 10, 2015
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I have a 03 convertible with 17 x 9s in the front and 17 x 10.5 with 315/35/17 in the back....I have been researching lowering springs and I am getting mixed reviews.. I bought new caster camber plates and all new isolators.. But will be using the stock shocks and struts.. I was goin to use BBK springs but then found out that they are specific rate and not progressive, which I was trying to use.. I heard Eibach for the Verts do not drop it enough and at this point I really do I not know what to do.. I want some of the ride left, ( car is being driven and not raced) and want the car dropped to a nice lookin level.. I was wondering what you guys are using with similar components as my car has... Any help would be great.. I was looking into the H&R vert springs which are 2.0 in the front and 1.6 in the rear, but on their website they recommend changing shocks and struts... Anyone have any pics of the Steeda( ford Motorsport) springs on a convertible..

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