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Food / Drink Whats for dinner tonight TCG?


Still not Italian
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Jan 31, 2008
Gilbert, AZ
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I Think That’s Obvious
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Aug 27, 2018
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What did you think, and I hope you ate it soon after posting that as it was going to expire.
We might buy that once a year, its easy for a quick dinner. We are just spoiled as my guys mom taught my Wife their family recipe.
I did a terrible job cooking it. With it being vacuum sealed I wasn't overly concerned about the expiration. I thought it would be pre-sliced, but it wasn't. It wasn't until I had it in a drain pan (like for underneath a turkey) and halfway cooked before I realized it was folded in half, over itself. Had to get out a second pan to split it up. Totally my fuck up. On its own it was okay, flavoring was good, but not exactly a top grade of cut. Again, it probably would have been a lot better had someone else prepared it :ROFLMAO:

That being said, I did slice it up into small pieces and used the leftovers for other things, like burritos with cilantro lime rice. In that respect it was really really good, and I would absolutely take that route again.

You're a much more seasoned (pun intended) griller than I am, and I have no doubt your results will be far better than mine.
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