Food What are you having for Breakfast?


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Aug 27, 2018
VRBO wasn’t expensive.
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Mar 2, 2008
was lunch and i quite often do thai takeaway for it - but yesterday there was a bunch of rain, and i felt like trying a breakfast from this place i'm familiar with but never have anything but thai. she made a pretty good full english.


it was quite good, nice to have a real sausage in particular - a lot of places will have some very very sad chicken type sausage or something that is more like a very sad hot dog. this actually even includes the all you can eat a la carte fancy resort i paid **way too much** for breakfast at one day, i couldn't believe they had that sad sausage so i asked for sausage again when i saw those sad things on one of the plates, as i thought they accidentally brought something else. they just brought more sad ones for me to not eat though.

when i left thailand july 2021 it was about 1 dollar to 30 baht. i converted yesterday at over 36 baht. the dollar has become stronger due to various reasons, one being the fed raising rates though. this was 180 baht. so everything pictured was bout $4.90.