We're having our big annual garage sale starting tomorrow Friday the 2nd!

Ron Vogel

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Jul 12, 2007
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I have several automotive here and theres, tools (Porter cable profile sander, Brazing outfit, air tools, Rotozip, 4 unused EZ out sets...etc,) a minty gas cap for '73 Comet...lol

Lots of kid clothes (like you guys care), music stuff (a couple of cheep strat KO's, small amp, '70s chord organ)

Knick knacks...you know the drill.

Nice oversized chair, crappy sleeper couch, some lamps

Buy one of my kids, I'll give you a sweet deal of freebies to get you started (but come early if you are interested since we only have 4 of them and they will sell quickly)

Address :

154 N Palmer Drive
Bolingbrook, IL 60490

Sorry, no pics...I'm playing hit and run tonight...not enough time to dick around!

Nav/GPS/Mapquest will not put you at my house, but will get you to my street, so follow the many signs.

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