Well the fun begins in tuning,,


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May 15, 2016
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Burns City, Indiana
So after learning AVT can't set up boxes anymore I went looking for used. Missed one but got second one. And AVT says it's reasonable to get one fixed if it's broken.

Main reason is to learn BEFORE I start modifying the car and if I decide to move towards 4t80e I can work with that also.

Had series 1 engine ready to assemble offered to me with forged pistons and I-beam rods, just not sure if it would fit.
But do have line on whole wrecked GTP same year as mine but with newer lower miles S/C engine.

Also been looking at intercoolers. Had turbo kit minus turbo offered to me, with one of the non ZZP intercoolers and gutted case and modified intake. I figured get it all on car then decide on turbo or not. I know kind of of using blower IC vs FMIC but hey it leaves me options while finding parts. And I like being different. And if case isn't hurt may just scrounge parts to build it!
I talked to local guy who said tuning N/A engine can pick up 10-15 up with out boost.

Oh the turbo kit was odd one(not sure who made it) but 316/321 stainless headers does pipes, block offs etc to run N/A, T3/T4 OR GT series turbo. He ran GT series , I think either GT2876R with larger exhaust housing or maybe GT 3176R. Need to ask and get solid price. He guessed $300-$400 since no turbo.

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