Weber Charcoal Grill New Addition to Family


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Mar 1, 2004
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I have a couple smaller charcoal grills and a smoker but did not currently have a Weber 22".

Rectified that by buying one, along with a gas engine push mower, from a customer for $20 for the two. It's in decent condition. Needs a cooking grate since the original is rusty. Costs a lot more for the grate than for the used grill ($24.99 for a hinged grate on Amazon).

I'm psyched to be able to charcoal grill entire meals again. Might do some smoking on it, too.

No pic because it's a black Weber kettle and you have seen plenty of them, I'm sure. I'll post pics when I'm actually cooking on it.


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Jun 4, 2013
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Have had one for decades. Still on original grate. If I had to buy another grate, I'd probably get one with a removable center.


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Jun 25, 2015
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I inherited a 22" Weber kettle from another expat here and it has the ash tray underneath rather than the ash can. I installed a temp gauge, bought a cover for it and upgraded the single piece grill top to the one with the side hinges but after a year and a half it's already pretty ragged out and warped. The center grates start drooping lower than the hinge portion and then food like burgers will not sit evenly across the transition between the center and sides.

Apparently there is a cast iron grill top made for these things but it's pricey. Need to find a better solution but will probably just buy another side hinge one. I try to grill about once a week so they simply do not last all that long under constant use. Maybe the center removable piece one is even thicker and would hold up better.

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