Valve adjustment question for Honda people


Sep 28, 2007
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Wheaton, IL
Well, I have a D16Y8 head D15B8 block mini-me swap and have had some valve rattle for a while now.

the head was freshly rebuilt, and I adjusted all the valves once the head was on the motor and it was fairly loud and noticeable. After about 300 miles I adjusted them again and they got a bit quiter, but they are still quite a bit noisy. Now I'm 100% certain the valves are adjusted correctly, but they seem awfully loud to me, could anything else be out of spec to make what sounds very distinctly like valve rattle?

Please no stupid ass responses as I'm sure I've just over looked something.

and yes this is on Honda-tech and as well, so don't tell me to post there, honda tech is worthless and D series has little traffic.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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