*USED* Toyo Open Country AT 2s 275/55/20

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Mar 3, 2008
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Pingree Grove IL
These tires are off my GMC Sierra, only reason they came off is because I had the wheels powdercoated and opted for new tires ( I went with the same ones because they are awesome ).

Installed 12/10/16 @ 6678 miles
Dismounted 05/09/19 @ 50,694 miles

So a total of 44,016 mile on them. Toyo rates them as a 65,000 mile tire.
These will easily go for 20-25,000 miles if properly cared for.
Tires were run @ Factory PSI and rotated every 5K miles.

1 tire has a patch, something similar to a license plate screw was wedged in the lugs. I was there for the repair, the tip barely broke the inside of the tire.
This was performed 08/08/17 @ 18,200 miles. ZERO ISSUES SINCE THE REPAIR

These tires perform well in ALL conditions, dry, rain and snow.
As the tire shows, manufactured in 2016... so they were fairly fresh when installed.

Asking $300 on CL but will let them go for $250 for a TCG member
Located in Pingree Grove or @ Work in Elk Grove Village.

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