TPIS MiniRam EGR Kit


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Jul 12, 2011
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Broomfield, CO
I am selling a barley used TPIS MiniRam EGR Kit. I bought it originally thinking I needed it, when when I got my chip programmed by TPIS they did a EGR delete. I had the EGR on for about a month and it has only been through 4-5 start-ups. When I realized they put a delete on my chip I took it off. It has been sitting ever since. Link to TPIS is here: TPiS, Inc.

They sell it for $209. I am looking for $125.00. I can probably fit it in the USPS flat rate boxes for a shipping fee of $11.35. You are welcome to pick it up if you are near Dekalb, IL. Any questions please ask.


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