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Mar 3, 2008
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Pingree Grove IL
My neighbor was interested in going in on a detailing product purchase, but I underestimated how much product I still had.
So, I have 2, 30oz bottles of Meguiars Hyper Dressing diluted 3:1 for sale.

I apply it with a sponge, 1 bottle will easily last 2 car wash seasons if not more ( depending on how often you wash etc ).
I try to clean my truck weekly, the camaro once a month ( if not more ) plus any of the "client" vehicles I do and I do not find myself needing to refill the bottle.

$10 each

Located in Pingree Grove, I work in Elk Grove.

If you are going to spend 7.99 @ walmart for some greasy, gel like, silicone based crap, you are better off with this water based product.

Find any of my detailing threads for pictures.
Medium shine level, if applied properly, ZERO SLING.

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