Time for the Firechicken to go =(


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Mar 30, 2008
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Braidwood, IL
Well with money being put into the GT and my dad being laid off since September it's just not in the cards to put so much money into another car of mine.
We have more parts to build a Nova or Chevelle with alot less money involved so this is going to go in favor of one of those two options, whichever he acquires sometime soon.

I put the car on craigslist as a roller or for part out so if anyone knows anybody interested PM me or let me know

We also have just about any pontiac Heads/Cranks or Blocks that you can think of that are all for sale anything from 57-79


Quick details. It's a 76 red trans am 10 bolt 8.5 posi
I have a clear title for the car

It's in decent shape, needs a new hood and drivetrain

$1500 for the roller
Make offers on anything on it that you may want.

pics can be found here

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